School Safety Patrol Leadership Camp

"Developing Tomorrows Leaders Today"  




Q.      Can my child call home from camp just to talk to Mom or Dad?

A.      No, phones are not readily available and with 200 +/- campers this is not feasible. We will call you in cases of emergency or homesickness for you to respond or to pickup your child. We exhaust all means to keep your child at camp, before calling you to respond.


Q.      Will someone be at camp to administer medicine to my child?

A.      Yes, a licensed/registered MCPS school nurse stays at camp the entire

          week and dispenses all medicine and handles other medical related



Q.      Can I send care packages and mail?

A.      Care packages are not allowed and will not be accepted. We

          encourage letters to be mailed the week prior to camp, so they arrive

          during the campers stay. Campers really enjoy hearing from family.


Q.      How do you select the counselors?

A.      Camp counselors, many of whom were campers and patrols themselves,

          are hand selected and interviewed by the Police Officers of the School

          Safety Section. The counselors typically range in age from 15-18. A camper-to-

          counselor ratio of 6:1 is maintained to ensure proper supervision.


Q.      Can my child be in the same cabin as their best friend?  How many

         campers in a cabin? 

A.      Yes. Campers desiring to be in the same cabin are encouraged to room

          with their friends as much as the numbers will allow. There are 12

          campers per cabin.


Q.      How many Police Officers and adult personnel attend camp?

A.      There are 5 Police Officers & 1 Police Supervisor, 38 +/- Camp Counselors, a Camp Director, 1 assistant and a Licensed Registered Nurse on site the entire week.